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Rebrand (Again)

As part of a suite of life and tech changes, I’ve brought the blog back to Somewhat Unlikely, where I intend to bring together various topics that I’m tempted to blog about (especially those that haven’t previously had much of a place).

Applying for Teacher Training II

Because this was sat in my drafts for the last year, I published it in July 2018 and set its date to a week after the previous one. Last time I hinted at how time-consuming it is to apply for teacher training (tl;dr: it’s not that bad, but I’m glad I wasn’t trying to do this Continue Reading

A New Plan

I’ve been planning to say something for a while now about some life changes that I’ve been slowly working toward. As the list of things likely to go wrong shrinks, and the other things I’d like to say increasingly need references to stuff I haven’t shared yet, it’s about time for an announcement.