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Post Mortem – Wizard Tower Defence

This post was rescued from my drafts in July 2018 and backdated to its current published date.Wizard Tower Defence is available on itch.io, free for Windows (and probably also Linux and OSX, but I daren’t say so because I haven’t tested that).This post is a retrospective for the game. At some point I should separately Continue Reading

Applying for Teacher Training II

Because this was sat in my drafts for the last year, I published it in July 2018 and set its date to a week after the previous one. Last time I hinted at how time-consuming it is to apply for teacher training (tl;dr: it’s not that bad, but I’m glad I wasn’t trying to do this Continue Reading

Training, First Fortnight Snippets

A few quick impressions/thoughts/observations from the first two weeks of being a trainee teacher. (I’ll try to be more organised and more coherent in future, particularly if anyone tells me they’re interested in reading it.)