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My game writing portfolio is now a PDF for reading, available on demand.

For game design I have 7 years of studio experience (from entry to lead) and 2 years independent (all roles). I believe in talking about experiences rather than trying to shoe-horn the less tangible design decisions into a website; as I grew in seniority my work was increasingly general and behind-the-scenes. But here are a few things you could read:

  • Jagex:
    • RuneScape project highlights include:
      • Blood Runs Deep quest, December 2009: my reflections, fan wiki, fan-sourced transcript
      • Glorious Memories quest, April 2009: my reflections, fan wiki, fan-sourced transcript
      • Several other updates as content developer, and many more overseen as senior designer and as design team leader
    • Professional milestones:
      • Content Developer (designer/scripter/writer); RuneScape; August 2008 – November 2009
      • Senior Game Designer; unannounced cancelled MMO, Stellar Dawn (cancelled MMO), RuneScape; November 2009 – January 2013
      • Design Team Leader; RuneScape; January 2013 – August 2015
        • Including Interim Monetisation Manager; RuneScape; November 2013 – October 2014
  • Wizard Tower Defence (on, post mortem): A complete game I designed, implemented, and made art for. Platform: Unity, various third-party tools.
  • Small web/miscellaneous projects, designed and implemented:
    • My writing tool, explained here.
    • Random Thing Generator (at A designed-corpus procedural text generator. Platform: Node.js
    • Cambot2 (demo on request): A Discord bot for my local writing community. Fetches online things (including from the thing gen, above), does other bot things, and runs timed writing sprints. Platform: Node.js, Discord.js
    • Maths Toys (at Collected proof-of concept maths education toys, including a structured question generator, prime factorisation visualiser, and substitution cipher processor. Platform: Node.js
    • Music Toys (at Proof-of-concept music education toys, currently only a sight-reading trainer for musical notation. Platform: Node.js