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About the blog

It’s about games (video games, roleplaying games; designing them, playing them, and otherwise stressing about them), writing, maybe some music, and in older posts some teaching (and becoming a teacher), travelling, being bad at languages, and so on.

It hasn’t always been updated frequently. I hope to do so now, but if you would like to hear more about something in particular, comment or get in touch.

About me

I’m now freelancing, while I concentrate on trying to get some novels published (more about that later).

For 30 months I was a teacher of mathematics (to 11-18 year-olds). Who knows: maybe I will again some day.

Before that, an independent game developer (designer and programmer; artist only out of necessity); before that a studio game designer specialising in virtual economies and monetisation, in leading other designers and arguing about what it is to be a game designer. BeforeĀ that, IT manager for a tiny telecoms provider.

Also, I play lots of musical instruments badly, think about making games, and occasionally still argue about what it is to be a game designer. But most things have been on hold lately due to work.